Report on the 2021 campaign

We managed to collect 431 734, 00 dinars during a very successful crowdfunding campaign, through online donations at, and via individual bank transfers to our account. In all, this made it possible to give out 16 instead of 5 scholarships to girls.

RSD donirano od 97 donatora za 29 dana

We value the support we receive!

We are delighted that the “Support Super Girls” campaign has been supported by various social elements. There were many anonymous donations, as well as donations made by friends, civil society colleagues, especially from women’s/feminist organizations. We are immensely grateful for every individual donation made by citizens, and treat it with great responsibility since we are aware of the domestic economic situation. Even once the campaign officially ended we received a donation from a wonderful, socially responsible, IT company which recognized the importance of this campaign and the need to give our girls an equal footing.


The decision making process was guided by internal acts of Policies for the Protection of Children, Procedures for Utilizing Social Media, and voting criteria which was made available to the commission prior to voting.

After the vote, from October 8th to the 10th, we organized Zoom interviews with the girls who were shortlisted. The interviews were conducted by AGC members and the girls as well as their parents.
We made the voting results public on October 11th – the International Girl Day – on social networks (FB and Instagram). Parents were informed by email and phone.

This year’s Super Girls are:

Vasilija Radanović

Ljubovija, sport – cycling

Jelena Vlaški

Beograd, art – painting and sculpting

Sara Filipović

Novi Sad, sport – volleyball

Sofija Jovanović

Velika Moštanica, art, music – violin

Lena Matejin

Trstenik, art – acting

Hana Preljić

Bošnjane, art – piano

Anđelija Nedović

Kragujevac, sport – chess

Dunja Mitić

Niš, art – ballet

Katarina Stanković

Babušnica, sport – table tennis

Neda Milenković

Gadžin Han, sport – soccer

Mia Knežević

Niš, sport – gymnastics

Ana Mitić

Niš, science – mathematics

Vesna Rodić

Temerin, science – mathematics, programming

Milica i Dragana Todorović

Pirot, sport – soccer

Olga Vasić

Rakovica, science – programming

Lenka Damjanović

Sivac, science – history

We visited several awardees from October 11th to November 19th 2021, and on these occasions signed donation contracts with their parents, parent consent forms, and had photo ops with them holding a symbolic scholarship check.

Due to the fact that we were in ongoing communication with the parents we could actively follow the successes the girls achieved, and which were to some extent enabled by the scholarships they received. This was a very dynamic period for us – we had a felling that we were becoming members of one big family of Super Girls, and as immodest as it may be, we felt that their successes were ours as well. Parents would tell us about the successes achieved and send us photos of their girls with medals, awards, certificates, and this in turn charged our batteries with enthusiasm and strength to keep pushing this initiative forward.

We wanted to have in depth understanding of how the scholarships advanced the talent of our Super Girls and what future needs may arise, so we devised a questionnaire intended for parents so that they can report on all of these issues. From the questionnaire it became evident that there is a need to increase visibility and promote successes achieved by Super Girls, and girls in general so as to sensitize society to their needs.

Parents told us that they are frequently confronted with a lack of interest in the successes girls achieve, especially in IT and sports because these fields are seen as ‘men’s work’. Parents also told us that there is a real need to support girls in the IT field, that they really need free courses in programming, opportunities to intern in IT companies, and such. It is therefore important to continue supporting Super Girls because the scope of this initiative isn’t just individual but also collective. Its importance to society lies in the fact that by supporting individuals it actually strengthens society’s capacities to understand and participate in building social/gender equality – as we concluded by analyzing the questionnaires provided to us by parents.
Parents also noted how the scholarships contributed to strengthening of their whole family, and their community as well since they share their trials, tribulations and successes with their respective communities. They indicated a sense of building solidarity within their communities, and how that in turn affected teachers, coaches, other girls in class, the team… Additionally, some parents indicated that these scholarships had contributed to a change of dynamics in some communities – that in smaller, marginalized parts of the country they brought hope and confirmation that success is possible regardless of where a person lives.

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