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As part of our strategic goals the AGC supports and encourages development of girls and strives to alleviate systemic inequalities which girls are, unfortunately, subject to. We promote gender equality values among young girls so as to empower and support them to cultivate their talents and achieve their ambitions. Seeing as we don’t all start out in life on an equal footing, and that class differences are only getting worse in society with ever increasing poverty, girls – and especially those from marginalized groups or rural environments – are often directly impacted by aforementioned circumstances. We want to contribute to the creation of a positive societal image of the roles girls can play in society, and we advocate for an equal social system wherein girls will have the same starting position. The scholarships we give out to girls are meant to give them a sense that society supports them and cares. We want to, temporarily at least, assist in decreasing worry that these girls and their families face daily, and which is too often caused by financial instability. By means of our campaigns we also want to raise public awareness and encourage citizens to engage and contribute to decreasing differences among social groups.

We persevere in our endeavor to raise awareness about the challenges faced by girls and young women, and we celebrate their strength, intellect and capability.  

We take pride in the fact that numerous girls and young women trust us and decides to participate in our activities, where together we expand spaces of freedom, creativity and women’s solidarity through informal education and empowerment.

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We believe that every girl has super powers

Take part in the Alternative Girls Center’s campaign and contribute so that at least 10 girls, 8 to 14 years of age, receive scholarships to further develop their science, arts, and sports talents and skills.