We believe that every girl has super powers

Take part in the Alternative Girls Center’s campaign and contribute so that at least 10 girls, 8 to 14 years of age, receive scholarships to further develop their science, arts, and sports talents and skills.


We believe that every girl has Super Powers which must be discovered, and when we support them to develop those Super Powers they can change the world for the better!

We are well aware that girls in Serbia, especially those whose lives are defined by hardship, aren’t given an equal chance to get an education and be provided with adequate conditions to develop their talents. We may all be born equal, but we are not equally valued by society and we don’t all start out in life on an equal footing. Differences and injustices are noticeable, and they don’t sidestep the most vulnerable members of society – children.

Our aim is to contribute to effecting change and to support girls in developing their Super Powers by giving scholarships to Super Girls!

Thanks to individual donations, as well as to Trag Foundation, in 2022 we managed to fundraise 519 335 RSD and secure finances for 20 scholarships which were given out to girls across Serbia.



Same as last year, we were inspired by the International Girl Day – October 11th – and decided to commence our campaign on that day. We intend to raise awareness about the rights of girls and their disadvantaged position. Our plan is to financially support at least 10 girls – 8 to 14 years of age – to develop their talents and skills.

With the support of Trag Foundation this year every amount donated will be doubled up to 350 000 RSD, thus ensuring more girls receive the support they need!

Dobitnice stipendija Super devojčice 2022 su:

  • Nađa Ljušić, Šid, painting;
  • Emilija Vujanović, Belgrade, ballet and the cello;
  • Kristina Vasić, Paracin, saxophone;
  • Petra Babić, Mionica, the cello;
  • Anđelka Petković, Smederevo, the cello;
  • Katarina Bjelović, Belgrade, painting;
  • Vladana Rajković, Trgoviste/Knjazevac, painting;
  • Sofija Mirčeta, Belgrade, para-karate;
  • Tara Čulić, Valjevo, cycling;
  • Zara Matić, Striza/Paracin, rhythmic gymnastics;
  • Jazmin Horvat, Senta, water-polo and swimming;
  • Sara Nikolić, Babusnica/Pirot, table tennis;
  • Ilijana Stojanović, Svilajnac, rhythmic gymnastics;
  • Jana Milenović, Raca/Kragujevac, karate;
  • Elena Orgizović, Zrenjanin, robotics;
  • Sunčica Đurđević, Zica/Gotovac/Kraljevo, mathematics and physics;
  • Jelena Vukosavljević, Belgrade, chemistry and physics;
  • Ivana Ristić, Belgrade, chemistry and physics;
  • Sofija Čuperkić, Podvrska/Kladovo, biology;
  • Luna Đurđina Dobrić, Negotin, programming and mathematics.

You can contribute in several ways:

Electronic payment via Donacije.rs

If you want to support our campaign just click on the “Donate” button bellow, follow the simple instructions and fill out the amount you wish to donate. The whole amount will be transferred via Instesa Bank. Once the transaction has been completed you will receive confirmation of successful completion.

E-banking directly to our account:

Recipient: Alternativni centar za devojke
Adress: Balkanska 49/4 37000 Kruševac
Account number: 205000000052546831
Bank name: Komercijalna banka AD Belgrade
Bank address: Svetog Save 14, 11000 Belgrade
Reason for transaction: Donation to the “Support Super Girls!” campaign.

Direct debit arrangement

You need to go to your bank, determine the amount you wish to contribute monthly and give them the following information:
Recipient: Alternativni centar za devojke
Adress: Balkanska 49/4 37000 Kruševac
Account number: 205000000052546831
Bank name: Komercijalna banka AD Belgrade
Bank address: Svetog Save 14, 11000 Belgrade
Registration number: 28101716
Reason for transaction: Donation to the “Support Super Girls!” campaign.

Our aim is to fundraise 330 000 RSD so as to ensure that at least 10 girls receive a one-time scholarship in the amount of 25 000 RSD which will cover travel expenses, financing educational classes or activities, and acquisition of sports equipment or arts materials.

In the selection process, preferential treatment will be given to girls whose life circumstances are not conducive to development. A commission will be set up to select the awardees, and it will be composed of artists, scientists, athletes, and activists who work on girls’ and young women’s rights.


Should we fundraise more than our target amount, we will simply award more scholarships, as we did last year.

The amount fundraised will also be invested in organizing a Scholarship Allotment Ceremony in Krusevac, on the International Girl Day, on October 11th. There will be travel expenses for parents and girls to cover so that they can come to the ceremony, as well expenses pertaining to the event itself.

*Organization of the Scholarship Allotment Ceremony for Super Girls in Krusevac, expenses pertaining to logistics (catering, rent of premises, travel expenses for the parents and girls…)


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