On Saturday, May 13th, we held a scholarship allotment ceremony for “Super Girls in ICT”, at cafe-bar 16. The ceremony was held on the International Girls in ICT Day.

This years the scholarships were given to:

1. Vasilisa Novakovic, Belgrade

2. Olivera Vucelic, Kragujevac

3. Irena Nikolic, Bor

4. Masa Otasevic, Uzice

5. Gordana Teofilovic, Belgrade

6. Milica Krstic, Nis

7. Andela Vuksanovic, Krusevac

8. Vera Vucicevic, Belgrade

9. Tea Zirovic, Zrenjanin

10. Jovana Mulcan, Neuzina

We owe a debt of gratitude to the international Cyber School KIBERone Belgrade, which made it possible for us to grant 3 more scholarships than originally planned. They donated free training for girls. We are also grateful to all who donated, and we’ll use this opportunity to once more thank all citizens who donated, as well as companies, such as Crna Ovca, Hooloovoo, stedljivko, Ellie and Mo, Beberusha, EXLRT, as well as influencers @Jelajabuka Whatifness who continued donating to girls even after the 2022 crowdfunding campaign ended because they recognized the importance of supporting girls and guiding them to ICT!

We are grateful to cafe-bar 16 for hosting us, and to Danijela Zmajevic Photos by Daniela for her wonderful photos.